I am so glad you have come here for a visit!  My name is Jessica Stidd, and  I am a professional editor and writer. I can help you with your editing needs for your fiction, nonfiction, academic papers, and can handle most forms of writing.  I am also a photographer, recently enjoying two of my photographs on display for the Imag-i-Nations exhibit at Picturish Gallery in Berkeley, California; and my photograph Shadow Ride for the 200 Yards contest and Photography Exhibit at Rare Device in San Francisco.  The proceeds from the Imag-I-Nations exhibit went toward a village and bridge project that helped school children get to school during the rainy season by completing the construction of a foot bridge in Koh Ker, Cambodia.  My photographs for this exhibit were taken at the Angkor Archaeological Park in Cambodia at the temples close to Angkor Wat, at the Bayan temple at Angkor Thom and Ta Prohm Temple, otherwise known as the “Jungle Temple.”