Welcome to Inspire Editing Services!

I am an experienced editor for biographies, other nonfiction works, fiction, academic dissertations, essays, and websites.  I did transcribing and word processing services in 2011 for two books, a memoir of surviving the Holocaust http://www.amazon.com/From-Holocaust-Harvard-Forgiveness-Freedom/dp/1629146528 and a futuristic novel for John G. Stoessinger, Professor of Global Diplomacy at the University of San Diego.  I also proofread a biography of the actress Betty White and transcribed a book on Native American spirituality for MADA Writing Services. Some of my other editing experience includes: editing for a Hawaiian photography tours website (http://www.oahuphotographytours.com/), editing a Juris Doctor dissertation for a law student at Golden Gate University in San Francisco, editing essays for a  student from Japan who is getting a master’s degree in psychology at Golden Gate University, editing an e-book for a channeler and healer, and doing paranormal research for a novelist’s ghost story. I was also Blog Editor for ADRNC (Association for Dispute Resolution of Northern California).

I am also a freelance writer for websites internationally on a wide variety of topics including travel, fashion, business, technology, and world affairs; two examples being these articles I recently wrote about news in the Ukraine: http://www.prlog.org/12319053-over-hundred-authorization-documents-will-be-abolished-by-the-implementation-of-bill-2436a.html and http://www.busbyway.com/2014/06/08/ukraines-newly-elected-president-petro-poroshenko-is-expected-to-sign-a-landmark-trade-deal/.  My interest in peace and bridging cultures also inspired me when I helped my friend and Cambodian tour guide Sarak edit his website.  Although he speaks English fluently, he was interested in using an editor for his written English.  I have also recently written articles about contemporary furniture at http://contemporary-furniture-store.blogspot.com/ and proofread the newsletter Vital Times for Vital Farms.

Editing rates:  My rates for editing are on the sliding scale of $3 – $7 a page, based on a 250 word page.  I usually start by discussing with a client what editing services are needed.  A very basic proofread would normally be $3 a page, a heavy content-driven edit would be up to $7 a page.  I also sometimes convert my rate to an hourly one for customers who charge by the hour.  I find that authors have many different needs so we can talk about the rate before we get started.

Writing rates:  For writing original content my rates are $5 – $9 per 250 word page.  The same applies that customers looking for writing services have many needs so we can talk about the rate before we get started.

Please contact me through my blog or my email address, jessica.ks1@gmail.com.  I am also happy to provide you with samples of my editing and writing work.  Thank you for considering my services!  Please also see my LinkedIn and Facebook pages:



Jessica Stidd