Seabird flying so effortlessly

Over the ocean waves

Just another day

Cruising for a fish to eat perhaps

With no thought of the wonder of creation

You were born to fly, oh bird

Was I born to wonder?

Being human is not all that impressive


The ocean so vast, grey, and powerful

As you effortlessly glide

Over its waves



Whether you believe in me,
I believe in myself
I believe in my dreams
I believe in the magic that happens
When I do what feels right
I believe in my past experiences
Teaching me to do better next time.

And I forgive myself
For mistakes you think I made
For mistakes I think I made
Because through these mistakes
I was challenged to open my heart again
To love others more
To get back up
Wipe off the dust
And find my inspiration again.


We may speak different languages
And our eyes different colors
Yet we both use ears to hear
And eyes to see.
When our hands come together
I see how the white creamy color

Contrasts to the darker hue
Though we still have these two hands
That are shaking
And it gets me thinking
That we are both more alike than different.
If we can’t get along, how can we be at peace
When the rest of this world is so varying
So let it be…
You and I

Written July 22nd, 2012.  First posted on Facebook.


Stuck somewhere in time

The clock goes tick,tick,tick

Counting the moments

The dark sky asks

If these moments will be my last.

“No!” I declare

Not if I can trust the stars

That light my path

I have yet more to do

In this dark world.

I see my breath

And feel its warmth

More life yet to come from the dawn.

Lament of a Lovable Woman

If I am serious
Will you take me seriously?
If I am mysterious
Will you explore the mystery
Until you discover the real me?

If I give you my body
It doesn’t mean I don’t have a soul
If you stay long enough
To discover my soul
You may find it
More intriguing than my body.

If I kiss you passionately
You can still get to know me
If I tell you “that’s enough”
Then that doesn’t mean always
Just enough for now.

Why do you see me as instant gratification?

I am more than what you see or touch
I am silky hair and soft skin
I am complex thoughts and deep emotions

Leaving now
Just means you will never know
How good I can be.


Alone & Together

Writing in a café
With a decaf latte since it’s after 4
I look out the window to see the softly pouring rain
Just happy to be experiencing life
Despite all the problems in the world
After all, day to day how much do the political goings-on
Really affect us?
I know they eventually do, but wish everyone could just take a moment
To Pause
To feel their connection to their surroundings
To their communities
To each other.
Such a beautiful, special planet we’re on
Such a blessing to just be here for this journey we call life
We all benefit from peace, compassion, and taking care of each other
I look out the window again
And think
Perhaps if we all took more moments
To just be, observe, and feel the passing of time
Without having to be anywhere
Instead of feeling rushed, competitive, and fighting with the clock
We would just feel the journey both alone
And together.